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Leaf art squirrel

How to create leaf art

Fallen leaves can be used to create all sorts of leaf art. In this article we share some creative inspiration to get you started.

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Flower pressing final art

Flower pressing

Flower pressing is a wonderful way to create art from your own garden. We share a step by step guide.

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Lit up pumpkin brighter

Pumpkin carving and design

Carving and designing a pumpkin is a wonderfully creative Halloween tradition. You might even be lucky enough to have one you've grown yourself to use!

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Autumnal bunch of flowers

Autumn flower arranging

Autumn is a great season for flower arranging. We look at what plants are flowering in autumn and offer some tips for creating your own arrangement.

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A great tit on a homemade apple bird feeder

Simple homemade apple bird feeder

Creating a bird feeder at home is a fun activity for all ages, using all natural items. It's like making a homemade meal for your daily visitors.

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Indoor desert finished

Make a miniature indoor desert

Miniature gardens can make attractive displays for your windowsill. They can be especially welcome in winter, bringing the interest of nature inside.

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