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Why gardening is good for you

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The forgiving nature of gardening

For some, the idea of developing a garden or green space may fill you with worry about what could go wrong. When gardening, it’s hard to seriously mess things up. Achievement can come in many forms.

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Mark Lane's story - gardening for mental health

Mark Lane is known to millions as a gardening presenter. Less well known are his mental health struggles and how gardening helped his recovery. Mark tells his story and highlights the benefits of gardening for mental wellbeing.

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Slug and snail resistant plants

Even if we love supporting wildlife, it’s hard to love our plants getting eaten by slugs and snails. We share slug and snail resistant plants, as recommended by our Gardening Club.

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Plants that can stimulate the senses or create calm

Plants have the ability to stimulate the senses or help calm the body. TV gardening presenter and Thrive Ambassador David Domoney recommends plants to try and how to use them.

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Gardening with a lung condition

Millions of people across the UK have lung conditions, such as asthma, bronchiectasis, or pulmonary fibrosis. We share advice on gardening comfortably for health and wellbeing.

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Callum in his nans garden

Callum's story - gardening through the generations

Time gardening with his nan has been a source of gardening knowledge along with many happy memories. Callum shares his gardening story with us.

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Monty Don
Mental or physical illness can strike any of us at any time, as I know only too well, but Thrive is working miracles, it is transforming people’s lives.
— Monty Don

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