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Winter wellbeing calendar of activities

This winter, get the most of the health and wellbeing benefits of gardening and nature. Join in with our four week calendar of activities.

Chitting potatoes 13

Chitting potatoes

Chitting or sprouting potatoes is a fun activity to do. It is simply the process of forcing seed potatoes into growth before they are planted out.

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Man pruning garden

Guide to pruning

Some of your trees and shrubs may need pruning to keep them healthy and manageable . We look at tools and techniques to help you prune in your garden.

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Balcony garden flowers pixabay

Getting started with a balcony garden

You don’t need a traditional garden to grow plants. An urban or apartment balcony can become a green haven. Jason Williams shares advice for getting started.

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Mark Lane 1 of 2

Mark Lane's story - gardening for mental health

Mark Lane is known to millions as a gardening presenter. Less well known are his mental health struggles and how gardening helped his recovery. Mark tells his story and highlights the benefits of gardening for mental wellbeing.

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Peanut butter feeder 4

Peanut butter bird feeder

Making a bird feeder is a fun activity for gardeners of all ages. Follow our guide to create your own peanut butter bird feeder.

Monty Don
Mental or physical illness can strike any of us at any time, as I know only too well, but Thrive is working miracles, it is transforming people’s lives.
— Monty Don

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