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We offer a variety of training and education opportunities.
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We have developed four blended courses that combine live events with additional online content accessible on our tried and tested online learning platform.

We have additional free and paid for online learning so whether you are new or experienced in using gardening for health and wellbeing we have opportunities for you to develop your understanding and skills. New content is being developed constantly to ensure everyone with an interest in our field can continue to grow.

Below is a list of our current and upcoming online training courses in date order. Some online courses are available all year round so will appear without a date.

Find out more about our training offer during this time on our Training overview page.

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Course length
Training general Introduction to STH Practice (Blended Course) Info Next courses
6—13 June 2022,
4—11 July 2022,
1 week, flexible access (see schedule)
Hand using tool in ground Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Practice (blended course) Info Next course
18 July—1 August 2022,
2 weeks, flexible access (see schedule)
Good active shot Setting up a Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Project (Blended course) Info Next course
8—15 July 2022,
1 week flexible access (see schedule)
Vyne 2021 9 Step into Social and Therapeutic Horticulture workshop Info Next courses
21 July 2022,
23 August 2022,
One day
Group and beans Demonstrate your impact - outcome measurements (new Blended course) Info Next course
12—23 September 2022,
1 week of learning + flexible access over 2 weeks
HM garden 1 Understanding disability in garden design - NEW blended online course Info Next course
17—21 October 2022,
1 week flexible access
BBC Lifeline Imogen 22 What is Social and Therapeutic Horticulture? Info Length
Under 5 hours of learning.
Cosmos View Oct 2018 What is Green Care? Info Length
Under 5 hours of learning.
DSC 8364sq Principles of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Info Length
Under 10 hours of learning.
Goal setting sq Goal Setting in Green Care Info Length
Under 10 hours of learning.