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A person uses a green spring tine rake to clear autumn leaves in their garden

Raking the garden

Raking lawns and beds can be a good workout, especially in autumn when leaves are on the ground.

Garlic bulbs Matthew pilachowski unsplash

Planting in November

The nights may be drawing in, but there’s still things you can sow and grow at this time of year. We look at what you can plant in November.

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Hardwood cuttings

How to take hardwood cuttings

Taking hardwood cuttings is a brilliant way to grow new plants. We share a step by step guide plus advice on which plants to take cuttings from.

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Pond netting 2

Netting a pond

Autumn leaves look spectacular but are not so great for ponds! This article looks at why it’s important to net a pond and how to do it.

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Small tree 2

Planting a small tree

Trees can bring so many benefits to your outdoor space. We share a step by step guide to planting a small tree in your garden.

Broad beans growing in toilet rolls

Sowing sweet peas and broad beans in toilet rolls

Sweet peas and broad bean seeds are best sown in deep pots. This guide looks at using toilet rolls as a cheap, eco-friendly method.

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