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From tasty food produce to blooming flowers and happy houseplants, follow our advice and top tips for growing all manner of plants.

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Peas in a pod

Easiest fruit and vegetables to try growing

It’s great to use our space to grow tasty and nutritious food to eat. Thrive ambassador David Domoney shares some of the easiest fruit and vegetables to try growing at home.

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A close up of a bee on a flower

10 bee friendly plants to get your garden buzzing

The buzz of bees is a soothing soundtrack that’s a hit with gardeners. Find 10 bee friendly plants to try in your garden.

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Erysimum ‘Bowles's Mauve’

Low maintenance plants

We can design our gardens to need as much or little care as we like. There are plenty of good looking, low-maintenance plants that require less time and attention.

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Sunflowers in vase pexels

Plants to grow and gift

We can share the joy of plants by gifting them to others. Leigh, aka The Beardy Gardener, recommends some plants he likes to grow and give.

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A man and a boy preparing plants in a vegetable bed

Preparing beds and borders for planting

Preparing a bed is a great way to get physically active and connect with your garden space. Achieving a dark, fine soil and the expectation of what that provides can be as satisfying as planting.

Pile of vibrant green French beans

Growing French beans

Beans are full of goodness and are popular to grow at home. French beans can be dwarf or climbing varieties, making them versatile and delicious.

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