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Two people walking outside in autumn

Gardening & nature activities for Father's Day

Ahead of Father's Day, we share some ideas for gardening and nature-based fun that you can enjoy doing together.

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Mark Lane 1 of 2

Mark Lane's story - gardening for mental health

Mark Lane is known to millions as a gardening presenter. Less well known are his mental health struggles and how gardening helped his recovery. Mark tells his story and highlights the benefits of gardening for mental wellbeing.

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Callum in his nans garden

Callum's story - gardening through the generations

Time gardening with his nan has been a source of gardening knowledge along with many happy memories. Callum shares his gardening story with us.

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Mark Emery2

Mark's story - gardening as a metaphor for life

For Mark, gardening provides the opportunity to create a space of his choosing, as well as enjoying the life lessons of nature. Here he shares answers to some of our questions.

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Man in park cropped pexels sarip rahmat

Supporting men’s health through gardening

Gardening and time in nature can support health and wellbeing in so many ways. In this guide, we look at some of the benefits for men’s health and share your tips and stories.

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Stretching getting ready to garden

Top tips when getting ready to garden

A little bit of planning before any garden task can make a big difference. From the right tools to warming up, find tips to reduce possible stresses and strains.

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Monty Don
Mental or physical illness can strike any of us at any time, as I know only too well, but Thrive is working miracles, it is transforming people’s lives.
— Monty Don

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