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Thrive's gardening glossary

Anyone new to gardening might find its terminology is a bit like learning a new language. Our glossary aims to make understanding easier.

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Peas in a pod

Easiest fruit and vegetables to try growing

It’s great to use our space to grow tasty and nutritious food to eat. Thrive ambassador David Domoney shares some of the easiest fruit and vegetables to try growing at home.

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Planning for spring 1

Making a plan for spring

Get set for spring by collecting ideas for your garden. You could follow our guide and make a collage or plot plan for plants and more.

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A man and a boy preparing plants in a vegetable bed

Preparing beds and borders for planting

Preparing a bed is a great way to get physically active and connect with your garden space. Achieving a dark, fine soil and the expectation of what that provides can be as satisfying as planting.

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A neatly mowed expanse of green lawn

Guide to lawn care

Lawns are as important a part of British gardens as fish and chips are to our national cuisine! With a little regular care your lawn can be your pride and joy.

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A person holds soil in their hands

Testing your soil

Testing your soil can help you discover its type and acidity. This can help you decide what will grow best and how to improve your soil.

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