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Autumn leaves in compost bin

How to make leaf mould

Using fallen leaves to make leaf mould can help you create a good textured, nutrient-rich compost. We share how in our guide.

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Autumn leaves 1

What to do with autumn leaves

Autumn leaves can be put to many good practical and creative uses. We explore what to do with them in this guide.

Compost in a wooden frame compost bin

How to make garden compost

Making compost is an environmentally friendly way to give your plants the nutrients they need. This guide shows you how to make it, where to use it plus top tips to compost with ease.

Bucket natural feeds

Homemade liquid plant food

Liquid plant food is full of nutrients that can help your plants thrive. We show you how to make your own feed at home.

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Erysimum ‘Bowles's Mauve’

Low maintenance plants

We can design our gardens to need as much or little care as we like. There are plenty of good looking, low-maintenance plants that require less time and attention.

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Taking photos outside in autumn

Activities for autumn

There is so much to be enjoyed in nature in autumn. From watching meteor showers to making leaf mould, we share ways to be inspired by this colourful season.

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