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Here we outline Thrive's vision and strategic plan for 2022-2027.

Our Purpose

To bring health and horticulture closer together so that many more people achieve positive outcomes through Social & Therapeutic Horticulture.

Our Vision

Gardening is actively encouraged as part of personal health and wellbeing management and Social & Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) services are available wherever you live.

Our Impact

We improve health and wellbeing, reduce isolation and loneliness, increase a sense of occupation and enjoyment, making people's lives more satisfying; in doing so we contribute positively to health and social care services.

Priority outcomes

Our priority outcomes for the next 5 years are:

  • STH sector is recognised as part of the health & social care landscape
  • STH provides genuine positive impact
  • Thrive has a sustainable operating model



STH sector is recognised as part of the health & social care landscape.

Working collaboratively at the local, regional and national levels, the STH/Green Care sector plays a clear role in connecting communities to their local green spaces, improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities, and in delivering measurable savings for the NHS and social care sectors.


  • To lead and shape the debate about how a larger and more professional STH sector can support the care systems and provide improved outcomes for people with a defined health, social care or education need
  • To build a movement towards professionalising the sector

Success criteria

  • STH given profile in health commissioning
  • Green Social Prescribing differentiates effectively between ‘time in nature’ and ‘nature-based therapeutic programmes’ according to need
  • There is cross-sector support for development and change
  • Professional body for STH Practitioners is established and role of practitioner recognised



STH is recognised as providing genuine positive impact.

Thrive can make a national-scale impact on health and wellbeing through delivery of STH programmes and a digital information service, and using our knowledge and expertise to enable others to deliver STH.


  • To use our delivery of STH to achieve improved outcomes for people with a defined health, social care or educational need.
  • To use our knowledge and expertise to deliver gardening for health information that enables people to harness the health & wellbeing benefits of gardening in their own space and time.
  • To use our knowledge and expertise to enable delivery of STH beyond our 3 centres, by training others to increase their horticultural therapy skills and supporting their ongoing professional development, and by working in partnership with national horticultural/land-based organisations

Success criteria

1 million people per year are accessing our services and seeing a positive impact on their physical or mental health by 2030.



Thrive has a sustainable operating model.

Achieved through an engaged and effective workforce, effective use of our assets (land & investments) and infrastructure (including facilities, data and digital tools), maximising revenue from our assets and ensuring that our spending is aligned with income.


  • To ensure that our workforce has the required competencies and that the organisation is structured to support the effective deployment of the workforce to achieve our strategic aims
  • To develop our infrastructure to effectively support current and new service delivery
  • To deliver an annual surplus with which to maintain our reserves and invest in our continued development.

Success criteria

  • Staff Survey metrics
  • Annual income and breakeven targets met

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