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Learning from what we do, sharing ideas with others and finding even better ways to help change disabled people’s lives through gardening is all part of the way we work at Thrive.

We want everyone to know that gardening could help and to know how they can get started or where to go for help. And we want those interested in doing research into the benefits of gardening to get started without delay. At Thrive, people are encouraged to ask questions about what works and why or how to make gardening even better for people with disabilities. But there’s so much still to find out.

Research Enquiries

Thrive is always interested in the latest research into Green Care and social and therapeutic horticulture and being part of increasing the evidence base for these activities.

If you would like help with an existing research project, please see Your research – how Thrive can help

In the past we have collaborated with academic institutions and in practice-based research. If you are interested in potential research partnerships exploring social and therapeutic horticulture and other areas of green care, please get in touch with details of your proposal.

Or if you would like to find out more about academic or practice-based research in the field of social and therapeutic horticulture, please email us with details of your specific area of interest and how we can help.

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