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I want to Support my mental health

Support my mental health

Gardens can work wonders to improve our mood, help us feel relaxed and boost our confidence. Discover ways to feel good through gardening.

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The forgiving nature of gardening

For some, the idea of developing a garden or green space may fill you with worry about what could go wrong. When gardening, it’s hard to seriously mess things up. Achievement can come in many forms.

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Nile the black colocasia with Jason Williams

Why plants are great friends to support your mental health

Spending time with plants can help you be present in the moment and offer welcome distraction. Some people even like to name their plants!

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Mark Lane's story - gardening for mental health

Mark Lane is known to millions as a gardening presenter. Less well known are his mental health struggles and how gardening helped his recovery. Mark tells his story and highlights the benefits of gardening for mental wellbeing.

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Plants to ease the mind

Plants to help ease the mind

Being around and seeing plants can help us feel calmer and reduce anxiety. We look at some of our favourite plants to help support our mental health.

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Calming spaces 2

Creating calming spaces in your garden

In this guide we look at different ways to make your garden a relaxing place to unwind from daily stresses.

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A group of people laugh as they garden together

How gardening can make you feel part of a community

Gardening doesn’t have to be a solo activity. Sharing tips with others or joining gardening groups brings the joy of being part of a community.

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Monty Don
Mental or physical illness can strike any of us at any time, as I know only too well, but Thrive is working miracles, it is transforming people’s lives.
— Monty Don

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