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Appreciate nature

The simple pleasure of time in nature can boost our mood and reduce stress. Explore ideas to help you enjoy being outside.

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A woman walking through a park

Why time in a garden can make you feel good

Spending time in nature can be good for our health and wellbeing. You don’t need a garden of your own to benefit. A simple planter or time in a park can still work wonders.

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Thrive Reading bug hotel

Make a simple bug hotel

Insects play a vital role in our gardens, pollinating our plants and helping reduce pests such as aphids. Build them a home to hide away in.

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Part of a sensory garden with benches and mirrored ball sculpture with running water

Planning a sensory garden

Sensory gardens include features, objects and plants that appeal to our senses. They can be calming or stimulating, with a range of potential wellbeing benefits.

Plants that amaze hero image

11 amazing plants to discover

Plants can be a source of amazement, with their astonishing variety of shapes, sizes and forms. We look at some extraordinary plants around the world and in our own gardens.

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Flower pressing final art

Flower pressing

Flower pressing is a wonderful way to create art from your own garden. We share a step by step guide.

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A great tit on a homemade apple bird feeder

Simple homemade apple bird feeder

Creating a bird feeder at home is a fun activity for all ages, using all natural items. It's like making a homemade meal for your daily visitors.

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