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Saving seeds main image

Saving seeds

Saving seeds is a wonderful way to get free plants! We look at how to save seeds from a number of popular garden plants.

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Abi allotment landscape

Top tips for starting an allotment

Abi, known as the anxious allotmenteer, lives in Hagley in the West Midlands and began her allotment adventure two years ago. Here she shares her tops tips on creating a unique, practical and productive allotment.

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Julie allotment

Julie's story – allotmenteering with macular degeneration

With a new allotment to tend alongside macular degeneration, Julie has been learning ways to make gardening easier. She shares her story and tips.

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Allotment at Thrive Trunkwell

Health and wellbeing benefits of allotment gardening

The popularity of allotment gardening has increased hugely in recent years. Having an allotment is a great way of having access to valuable gardening space if you don’t have a garden of your own and offers a number of health and wellbeing benefits.

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Garden posy flower show

How to hold your own flower show

Holding a flower show can be a fun way to bring family, neighbours, or a gardening group together. We share ideas from our Thrive flower shows.

Preserve produce

Preserving and storing your produce

You want to waste as little of your carefully home grown food harvest as possible. We look at ways to preserve and store your produce.

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Monty Don
Mental or physical illness can strike any of us at any time, as I know only too well, but Thrive is working miracles, it is transforming people’s lives.
— Monty Don

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