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Autumn leaves in compost bin

How to make leaf mould

Using fallen leaves to make leaf mould can help you create a good textured, nutrient-rich compost. We share how in our guide.

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Large clear plastic bottle filled with layers of compost material

How to make compost in a bottle

Home composting is a great way to turn kitchen and garden waste into nutrient-rich soil. If you have limited space, a large plastic bottle can become the perfect compact compost bin!

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Compost in a wooden frame compost bin

How to make garden compost

Making compost is an environmentally friendly way to give your plants the nutrients they need. This guide shows you how to make it, where to use it plus top tips to compost with ease.

Worm composter 4

Worm composting

In this article Nikki looks at why you should consider adding a worm composter to your garden and the benefits of doing this.

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Nikki compost potatoes 1

Growing potatoes in a compost bag

Here Nikki Cross shares her special technique for growing potatoes in a compost bag.

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Completed chicken wire compost bin

DIY chicken wire compost bin

Making your own compost is satisfying and good for the environment. If you have space in your garden and want a physical project, you could construct your own compost bin using chicken wire.

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