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A man and a boy preparing plants in a vegetable bed

Preparing beds and borders for planting

Preparing a bed is a great way to get physically active and connect with your garden space. Achieving a dark, fine soil and the expectation of what that provides can be as satisfying as planting.

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Using a spade to dig a new border in the garden

Digging in the garden

Digging in the garden can be a vigorous workout. Find advice on when you might want to dig, plus tools and techniques to help.

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A lawnmower on a healthy green lawn

Mowing the lawn

Regular lawn mowing is a good workout, getting you outdoors and keeping your garden tidy. The right equipment and technique can help make it less effort.

A person uses a green spring tine rake to clear autumn leaves in their garden

Raking the garden

Raking lawns and beds can be a good workout, especially in autumn when leaves are on the ground.

Compost in a wooden frame compost bin

How to make garden compost

Making compost is an environmentally friendly way to give your plants the nutrients they need. This guide shows you how to make it, where to use it plus top tips to compost with ease.

Small tree 2

Planting a small tree

Trees can bring so many benefits to your outdoor space. We share a step by step guide to planting a small tree in your garden.

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