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Deadheading a pansy

Deadheading flowers

Deadheading is a light physical activity that can improve plant appearance and health. We look at why and how to do it.

Pink lupin in bloom

Planting in June

For those of you who haven't started planting yet, not to worry! You can still get planting in June. We share tips on what vegetables and flowers you can grow now.

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Bindweed flower

Identifying common weeds

Learning to identify weeds is a useful skill for every gardener. We look at some of the most common ones.

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A man and a boy preparing plants in a vegetable bed

Preparing beds and borders for planting

Preparing a bed is a great way to get physically active and connect with your garden space. Achieving a dark, fine soil and the expectation of what that provides can be as satisfying as planting.

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A hanging basket bursting with summer flowers

Planting summer hanging baskets

Summer hanging baskets are a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. In this guide we look at some plants to try and how to arrange them.

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Sunflower 2

Growing sunflowers

In this guide we talk about how to grow and take care of sunflowers, along with ways to get younger gardeners involved.

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