Bug hotel
Thrive’s gardens rely on hard-working volunteers but for once we’re not talking about the human kind.

Insects play a vital role in pollinating our flowers and plants, as well as getting rid of pests such as aphids.

As the temperature drops, many insects are looking for a place to hibernate over the winter, so now is the perfect time to create a bug hotel.

Bug hotels come in all shapes and sizes, as our photos of ones in the Thrive Reading gardens show, but you can make a simple one in about 30 minutes using our step by step guide:

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  • Collect dry hollow twigs or stems or bamboo canes.
  • Cut them into 15cm lengths and bundle a handful together
  • Tie the bundle with twine, making sure that you leave one long length. This will be used to hang up the bug hotel.
  • Place the bug hotel facing east so that it receives warmth from the morning sun or facing west so that it receives the afternoon sun. Make sure it is in a sheltered spot away from the wind.
Bug hotel

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