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Small gardens

Making the most of small gardens

In this guide we take a look at how to make the most of small gardens. It's also useful for helping to make the most of any space within a bigger garden.

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Wooden and concrete raised beds filled with herbs and plants

Accessible garden design

The design of your garden can create a huge difference to your enjoyment of it. Here we look at some ways to make it more accessible.

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Part of a sensory garden with benches and mirrored ball sculpture with running water

Planning a sensory garden

Sensory gardens include features, objects and plants that appeal to our senses. They can be calming or stimulating, with a range of potential wellbeing benefits.

Engaging sense of smell

How to create a scented garden

Bringing beautiful scent into the garden can provide just as much pleasure as sight and sound. This article shares key things to think about when creating a scented garden.

Willow structure 1

Plant a living willow structure

In this article we will show you how to plant and maintain a living willow structure in your garden.

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Beautiful flower border Annie Spratt unsplash

How to plan and grow a cut flower garden

Growing flowers in the garden for cutting and bringing into the home can be a really enjoyable project. Market gardener Lucy Cox offers advice on getting started and tips to make it easier.

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