Jason cloud gardener
Jason is a self-made gardening social media influencer and a passionate advocate for how gardening can improve mental health.

Jason's journey with gardening began when he moved into a 18th floor flat just before lockdown. Struggling with his mental health, he noticed that caring for plants was having a positive effect on him and his wellbeing. This led to him growing more and more, with gardening becoming an increasingly important part of his daily routine.

Jason started his own social media channels, which became not only a place to show off the plants he was growing, but also somewhere he could advocate for harnessing the power of gardening to improve mental health. Jason's channels have been growing exponentially and he receives impressively high engagement for his posts, with people commenting to support him and share about their own journey with mental health.

The more I shared, the more I realised that my honesty resonated with people. The channel grew rapidly and has expanded across all forms of social media.


Thrive came into contact with Jason when he called to inquire about our social and therapeutic horticulture courses. After a chat it became clear that our views on gardening for health were aligned and that we could have a powerful partnership moving forward, in particular advocating for gardening as a way to improve mental health.

'My garden has been the main vehicle to helping me manage my mental health. Thrive is a charity that embodies this and more. Not only do they have facilities to help others connect to nature, they also teach how to do this. I am incredibly proud to be working with Thrive and spread the message of how connecting to nature can help your mental health.' - Jason

Jason improves mental health by giving his balcony a nature transformation

Feeling confined in his 18th-floor apartment in Manchester, Jason became inspired during lockdown to grow plants to give him a new lease of life.

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