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When street artist Banksy creates a new piece of work on a building, the owners can be sure of lots of media attention and lucrative offers coming their way.

Sadly, Banksy hasn’t paid us a visit recently. Instead our Birmingham office got this:

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Now as gardeners, we like artistic endeavour and appreciate individual expression.

But this work we felt was a bit same-y, a bit too like the last lot of graffiti daubed on our building... which in turn was terribly similar to what was sprayed the time before that.

We also felt that in terms of creating a welcoming ambience for visitors, clients and staff, the effect left a great deal to be desired.

We weren’t alone. Birmingham City Council, who we lease our offices from, weren’t that impressed either, not least because the sprayers left their marks on other buildings in Kings Heath Park.

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They swiftly sent a team to clean-up who did a superb job to make the doors, walls and windows shipshape. Good work guys, thank you for your help!

Meanwhile, if you know Banksy, do tell him we’d really appreciate if he could give one of our garden sheds a fresh look 😉

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