Nature connection handbooks

The Nature Connection Handbook, produced by the University of Derby Nature Connectedness Research Group has had over 40,000 downloads. ​

The Group has now launched a second in the series – the Nature Connected Organisations Handbook – A guide for connecting organisations with nature for sustainable futures and workplace wellbeing. You can read a blog post about the handbook and download it here.​

The handbook helps organisations of all types become nature connected – focusing inward to bring changes to how the people, places, and culture within an organisation relate to nature. ​

They have developed a ‘tree framework’ that organisations can use to audit their current practices and policies and to identify, design, and develop actions they can take towards becoming nature-connected. Actions range from simple activities for staff to engage with nature, to bringing nature into workspaces, through to having nature connectedness as a KPI, or putting nature on the board.

The handbook is aimed at those with responsibilities for workplace wellbeing, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility, and for anyone who wants to initiate change in their organisation to benefit staff, business, society, and the more-than-human world. It is free to download and share widely.