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The ‘test and learn’ phase of the funded Green Social Prescribing (GSP) project ran from April 2021 to the end of March 2023. During this time, over 8,500 people benefited from green social prescribing. The project worked with people with a range of mental health needs from mild to moderate, to supporting people in their recovery after a period of more significant mental illness. It moved the focus of social prescribing from universal provision to taking a targeted approach (on this project) so that those with mental health needs and who will benefit most were identified and offered support. It required intensive collaboration across sectors to build greater shared working and innovative new partnerships, which underpinned the trust, and systems change, required to sustainably embed green social prescribing in the health system to tackle and prevent mental ill-health. ​

The Green Social Prescribing Toolkit reflects on the process of implementing the Green Social Prescribing programme and shares some of the learning and insights. The purpose of the toolkit is to offer a ‘how to’ guide for those people who have responsibility for, or a role in, starting, developing, or growing green social prescribing schemes. It includes some of the tools and resources that were co-designed and tested as part of the GSP programme, along with examples of what has worked well, and what has not. ​