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Who doesn't love a party? Especially when the theme is Flower Power! Get those outfits sorted and get organising!

The great thing about a party is that you can keep it small, or you can go all out! Even though it might seem daunting, organising a party can be easier than you think with a huge reward.

A Charity Party is always a crowd pleaser, but you have to be realistic of what you can afford and the time you have to pull it off. That's not to say you can't think big though!

Essential tips

  • Let us know! We can provide you with a letter of authority to help with fundraising/securing a venue.
  • What do you want included? Do you also want to serve food and drinks? Sit down or Buffet? Do you want to host a raffle? Answering these questions first will help you plan your event.
  • Pick a venue. This is the first action you'll need to take, as early as possible, as it will determine all aspects of your event moving forward, such as ticket cost, maximum capacity of numbers and the date and time. Hopefully they will allow free venue hire, if this isn't possible most places will provide a discounted price for charitable events.
  • Invitees. If you want to go small; invite your family, friends, friends of friends. If you want to go big, invite all of the above plus the general public.
  • Tickets. If you've chosen to go small, it will be easy to ask people to make a donation on the door or beforehand. If you've chosen to go big we'd suggest setting up a ticketing system on platforms such as Eventbrite.
  • Spread the word! Once you've got everything confirmed, let us know if you'd like Thrive merchandise at your events for people to purchase on minimum donations.

Get in touch with our fundraising team with any questions

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