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The importance of green spaces for people’s wellbeing during Covid-19 has been underlined by the latest data from Natural England.

July saw the highest number of adults enjoying natural environments in England since the pandemic began, following sustained month-on-month increases from April to June.

Natural England's People and Nature survey found:

  • Almost half the population (46 per cent) say they are spending more time outside than before coronavirus, up from 44 per cent in June and 26 per cent in May.
  • Forty-two per cent of adults reported that ‘nature and wildlife is more important than ever to my wellbeing’.
  • Gardens continue to be highly valued, with 89 per cent of people who have them saying they are important.
  • Nearly a third of adults think it is important for their children to learn outside or about nature, up from 19 per cent in June and May.
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‘These new official statistics show just how crucial it is to invest in a green recovery.’

Marian Spain, Chief Executive of Natural England

The survey also revealed that one in three adults hardly visit a green space at all, highlighting inequalities of access caused by socio-economic deprivation.

Marian Spain, Chief Executive of Natural England, said: ‘This wealth of evidence leaves no doubt about the importance of connecting with nature for our physical health and our mental wellbeing.

‘It’s vital that the whole of our society has access to these benefits. If we don’t tackle this, we cannot claim to have an equitable green recovery.

‘These new official statistics show just how crucial it is to invest in a green recovery.’

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