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Find out how to send in money raised from a fundraising activity or event for Thrive.

Use JustGiving

If you set up a JustGiving page everything happens automatically. The money is sent to us, Gift Aid collected, and your sponsors thanked. Job done!


Make an Online Donation

You can bank your money and make a one off donation online. You can also direct your sponsors here to do the same. Don't forget to reference your name or event!

Donate here

Post a Cheque

Send your cheque made payable to Thrive. Remember to attach a note with your name and event so we know who it’s come from!

Postal address

Cash Donations

It's not safe to send cash in the post. We advise you to deposit any cash donations into your bank and donate online or by sending us a cheque. If you have any questions please ask the Fundraising team

Get in touch

Contact us

If you have any further questions please contact us on 0118 988 0686 or complete our enquiry form below

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