Planting out
If you love plants as much as we do you might like to consider holding a plant sale to raise funds for Thrive.

A plant sale or is a really easy way to raise funds and meet people in your local area who love gardening too!

If you would like to run a plant sale, contact us today so we can support you.

Mary and her colleagues at the University of Greenwich Faculty of Business came up with the great idea of a plant sale while looking at creative ways for staff to participate in a sustainability initiative. Starting with houseplants that would work in an office, the idea soon grew with staff and colleagues growing fruit, vegetables and flowering garden plants as well in a wide variety of recycled containers – yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and tuna tins with picturesque labels were all put to great use!

Plant sale

Mary also had the inventive idea of bringing in a more mature special plant which was auctioned via 'sealed bids’ posted into a box which proved very popular. Volunteer cake bakers added to the occasion and no sooner had Mary announced the grand total of over £100 than people were asking on what date the next plant sale would take place. The plant sale is now in its third year and going from strength to strength!

Let us know if you're organising a plant sale for Thrive!

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