Wine and cheese
There are so many ways to fundraise for Thrive, but here are a few ideas to get your brain pumping!
  • Wine and Cheese Night. Invite your friends or family over as you would any other evening, but this time ask them to donate what they'd normally spend on a night out.
  • Organise a Bake Sale. This can be done anytime, anywhere. Get baking and get selling. Maybe your work place will allow you to do this on a lunch break?
  • Afternoon Tea. You could organise this in the same concept as the Wine and Cheese Night mentioned above, or, you could source a venue and caterers and ticket the event! Maybe even include a raffle too...
  • Step by Step, Mile by Mile. Organise a sponsored walk! Legs of all strengths and sizes can take part, how many miles will your journey be?
  • Picnic at the Park, or Beach! Invite your friends and family along to the park or beach, be prepared to have organised some fun games like rounders or bat and ball. Tell everyone to bring their own equipment, food and beverages but ask them to donate in aid of Thrive.
  • Family Fun Day. This one could take a lot of organising but the potential for a huge reward. Source a venue with large grounds, or even a field, secure suppliers and ask for a % of their earnings to be donated to Thrive, book inflatables! This idea has the potential to be wild and wonderful for both adults and families.

These are just a few ideas, but there's plenty of opportunity to step outside the boat and organise a completely unique event. It's totally up to you what you can achieve!

Please get in touch with any questions or ideas you have!

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