Thrive’s work to reduce the anxiety of living with dementia

At Thrive we run:

  • structured programmes of activities for people with dementia which focus on positive reminiscence, re-connecting with others including friends and family and gentle appropriate exercise and cognitive stimulation
  • workshops in dementia care homes to encourage more people to take part in gardening

Evidence, messages, learning: Does A Structured Gardening Programme Improve Well-Being In Young-Onset Dementia?: Results from a piece of research which helped us pilot a new programme of horticultural therapy activities for people who were diagnosed with dementia before the age of 65.  The perceived benefits of the activities have now been assessed qualitatively and quantitatively and the results are available through this publication. Download it for free here.

Garden Memories: an easy to use guide for partners, family and friends to use athome so they can take part in more activities together in their owngardens or other outdoor settings. You can download a PDF copy of it here.

Please get in touch on 01189 885688 to see if we are currently running any dementia programmes.