Social & Therapeutic Horticulture: Evidence & messages from research

Authors: Joe Sempik, Jo Aldridge and Saul Becker
ISBN: 0907274293 
Number of Pages: 60
Date of Publication: 2003
A4 quality paperback, two colour cover and black & white inner pages 

This literature review presents a detailed analysis of over 100 texts relating to the outcomes and effectiveness of horticulture and gardening in a number of different therapeutic settings and with different client groups.

It will be invaluable to anyone interested in demonstrating the benefits of social and therapeutic horticulture, as well as those interested in understanding the background and development of this growing field.

This literature review represents the first part Growing Together, the first detailed study of horticulture and gardening projects across the UK.

The Growing Together study is a partnership between Thrive and Loughborough University and has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

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