Out of Sight

All senses will be stimulated in Thrive’s Out of Sight garden.

Whilst some plants are scented, there will be others with tactile properties and those that will make a noise in the wind.

Plants chosen are whites, blues and yellows, which are the last colours to lose when you experience visual impairment.

The garden also contains companion planting for guidance; for example mint is planted at the start of a row of potatoes.

Paths are wide and level, and straight corners marked with landmarks. Obstacles will be highly visible, and two textures underfoot have been used - these are important for gardeners to discern changes of direction.

Non-slip honeycomb gravel is being used and ribbed timber decking under the pergola. The garden also has three water features of differing heights.

Click here for more information on gardening when you have a visual impairment.