Open your garden for Thrive

You love your garden and you love Thrive – that’s a great start! 

Why not open your garden and let everybody come and admire your hard work in return for a donation on the gate? 

Gardens are always evolving and never truly "finished" so don’t be self-conscious about the odd weed or three or that overgrown shrub you keep meaning to prune or dig up.  We’re all a bit shy about our own creations but there’s no need to be.  Your friends, neighbours and visitors will love it!

Janice opened her Oxfordshire garden gathering together friends and neighbours and serving homemade coffee and cakes to add to the attraction.  Donations of £3 were charged on the gate and refreshments were sold (you can’t go wrong with homemade cake!).  It proved very popular and has now become an annual event, raising around £200 each time.

You could go ahead and open your garden either individually or as part of a cluster group in your locality. If you decide to do this under your own steam Thrive can provide some information leaflets, donation forms and case studies to support your event.

You might also like to visit GreenPlantSwap, a website dedicated to connecting local gardeners who can use it to buy, sell and swap plants and promote your open garden events. The website is free to join and has more than 21,000 plant records on its location-based web platform connecting thousands of gardeners all over the UK.

Website founder Jeremy Wright, said: "We want to help Thrive who do such brilliant work using gardening to bring positive change to people living with disabilities. Members who open their gardens or hold plant sales in aid of Thrive can request a special free local marketing pack that includes professional posters, leaflets and signage to help with their event.

"Last year 200 events were posted on the website and we hope our members will take up the opportunity to support Thrive. They can still promote their event freely if it supports another cause, but the extra marketing materials are created for those who support Thrive."

Those who pledge to open their gardens in support of Thrive and use GreenPlantSwap to do this can get some fantastic marketing materials in the post and promotional support.

Thrive will receive all the donations from the event, but if you choose to download and order the full marketing pack from GreenPlantSwap Thrive will make a contribution equivalent to 25% of all takings in order to cover design, development and production costs of the materials.