Visit Thrive's 'celebration garden' at BBC Gardeners' World


Thrive is making a welcome return to BBC Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC in Birmingham for the third year running. 

The 'Garden of Celebration’ has been designed by staff and volunteers from Thrive in association with Regency School whose students attend the charity’s Grow and Learn programme. 

In designing this 'garden’, the students have given a huge amount of thought to the use of space, with particular regard to the therapeutic aspects of horticulture, using plants to improve physical and mental health and communication and thinking skills.

Join with us and experience our wonderful horticultural therapy journey which begins with our roots.

The soft stones, natural muted colours depict calmness and tranquillity. Our path-line softly meanders up through the garden with gentle natural returns on circular feature spots, allowing the eye to rest before moving back through the garden at a slow rhythm. 

This circular path offers an easy way to navigate the garden representing how we support our elderly clients, some of whom may be living with dementia. The delicate alpines and succulents represent the diverse range of clients we tailor our care to, all of whom are individuals with different needs and different abilities. 

Our path now winds through into 'green care’. Lush planting with soft shapes and gentle mossy mounts, grassed discs, herb balls flow into the reflective contemplating, tranquil pond. The edge of the water is broken with feathered edges of ferns and ripples of green hues out into the garden with fascinating foliage. 
Gentle scents are added to the air with herbs and lavender representing our sensory area. The introduction of our Thrive purple palette brings us into the anniversary circle. 

Our beautiful planted cake is a celebration of how we have grown over the years and offers a focal point to the garden. Our pebble line builds up height with supportive structural hoops and wispy planting of verbena and layering of purples.  The tree signifies our growing success, support of our clients and groups, and then our line returns full circle back to the path. 

As we circle the tree we move past vibrant colours we can conclude our journey there or re-visit areas of the experience.

Our past gardens

In 2017 we won a Silver Merit for our 'Life and Times of Miss Potter' garden.
In 2016 we won a Silver Award for our 'Life Changing' garden