Thrive returns to BBC Gardeners' World Live


Students from our Grow and Learn programme in Birmingham have designed and created a garden for BBC Gardeners' World Live at the NEC in June. 

Entitled 'Life and Times of Miss Potter' the garden has been inspired by the hit film 'Miss Potter' which starred Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. 

All the students involved in the garden are from Chadsgrove School in Birmingham and have been supported by Thrive horticultural therapists and volunteers, but the design and ideas have all come from them. 

The garden featured a railway track which represents Miss Potter’s journey through life, and the alpines alongside signify her determination and changing emotions of sadness, light and happiness. 
The ring of flowers and holly tree tell us of the engagement at Christmas to publisher Norman Warne. The trunk and 'for sale’ sign mark her relocation to her new home in the Lake District. 

Her passion for creating and writing are represented by paintbrushes, pens and books. 

The tree celebrates the publication of her first book and signifies where she was often found reading her letters. A living wall with blue flowers at the base, and inclusion of ferns, depicts the beauty of the Lake District where Beatrix lived for the rest of her life and where she grew vegetables and herbs.

Thrive won a silver award last year for its Life Changing garden in the beautiful borders section which was inspired by the film 'The Secret Garden'. 

Amanda Fields regional manager of Thrive Birmingham, said: "We're thrilled to be back again this year. 

"The students have been motivated from day one and have been working on the theme since Christmas. 

"They have learnt so much about how to design a garden, we've explored how emotions can be represented through planting and what makes you feel good as well as look good. 

"Seeing a project through like this from start to finish is a huge thing for these students. It shows determination and commitment, team work, as well as boosting their confidence and self esteem knowing their end design will come to life at such a prestigious show. 

"They'll be there to build and plant it, as well as dismantle it at the end of the show. We will then re-plant it all at our gardens in Kings Heath Park."

Our friends at Forest Garden are gifting us a lovely Oakley Summerhouse to promote Thrive at this event.