Spring is here at last!


With the arrival of spring, Jan Broady, senior horticultural therapist at Thrive, explains what it's like in our gardens at Beech Hill. 

This is a hopeful time of year indeed! 

We have been treated to a few magnificent days in the garden. The wind is still and we’ve been drenched in warm sunshine. 

Melodious bird song comes from every quarter, cheery daffodils keep watch everywhere,pregnant buds are ubiquitous, increasing insect activity brings a familiar buzz as little bugs zip by, the deep scent of the early blossoms, all these things signal the re-birth of the garden.

April will see a flurry of activity in the glasshouse. Seed sowing, pricking out and potting on will all feature highly as plants are brought on for the year ahead. 

Cutting posies of daffodils and tulips brighten indoor spaces. Grass cutting will begin in earnest, so to the weeds which will start to grow with a vengeance, keeping on top of these will be an important task.

We are doubly excited this year as Tesco Bags of Help have awarded us £8,000 to refurbish our Secret Garden. It was first built in 2007, and 10 years on is in need of some care. 

We are looking forward to restoring a number of raised beds, installing a new water feature, improving access and increasing the seating opportunities around the garden.

The spring season is truly a magical time of year, and here at Trunkwell all our client gardeners and volunteers are looking forward to another wonderful year in the garden.