Thrive shows how gardens can heal at BBC Gardeners' World Live and wins silver


Thrive's 'life changing’ floral border BBC Gardeners’ World Live has won a Silver Award and is delighting visitors to the Birmingham show.

The floral border known as 'The Life Changing Garden’ has been developed by Thrive horticultural therapists Amanda Fields and Deborah Stubbs who are based at the charity in Kings Heath Park and work in the former TV Gardens. 

The garden, which had to be based on a piece of literature, is inspired by the world famous novel 'The Secret Garden’ where a young girl finds solace in a locked and neglected walled garden at Misselthwaite Manor where she is sent to live after the death of her parents. 

Over time, the garden 'heals’ her after being orphaned and she brings it back to life making new friends and learning gardening skills along the way. 

The fresh air and exercise restore her health, and her excitement at the beauty of the garden brings her and those whose lives she touches, back to life. She befriends the staff at the manor and a young sickly boy who has been living in a hidden bedroom in the house.

She brings him out into the garden – the first time he has been outside in many years – and over time, enjoying gentle exercise and nature, restores the boy to health.

Amanda said: "Taking inspiration from this wonderful story we can show how powerful the garden environment is.

"The story deals with bereavement, disability, loneliness, isolation, anxiety and poor physical health which are some of the reasons why people come to Thrive.

"We have seen first-hand how gardening can help everyone, regardless of age or disability and use gardening as a form of therapy allowing people living with disabilities or ill health, or those who are isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable to make positive changes to their lives, feeling happier, healthier, and more confident."

Thrive has been working with Avonbank Nurseries, part of Pershore College to source the plants to depict an old English cottage garden which will include rambling and climbing roses, Lillies, Clematis, Salvia and healing plants such as Rosemary and Lavender.

Thrive staff and volunteers will be manning the Advice Centre and is the chosen charity for Plant Creche. 

And Deborah Stubbs our senior horticultural therapist is doing a 20 minute slot in the Talk Time and Demo arena at the show on Sunday June 19th at 3:30pm.

HUGE thanks to these guys for all their help - without them the garden wouldn't have been possible.