Shed heaven!


The world’s first spider-proof shed will be used by Thrive client gardeners at its Birmingham centre in Kings Heath Park after it was kindly donated by Leeds-based Tiger Sheds.

Tiger Sheds’ custom design, unveiled in September, is the world’s first purpose-built shed guaranteed to keep arachnids out. The shed was designed following a number of requests from customers, and hosts a variety of anti-spider features, including:

•    Airtight windows and draft sealed doors;
•    Spider repellent lining paper;
•    'No spiders allowed’ sign with top tips on keeping spiders away.

With media attention leaving the shed in high demand, the Tiger Sheds team decided to use the innovative structure to give back to the community in 2016.

The team chose Thrive as the worthy candidate to add to their social and therapeutic horticulture activities. Without the added stress of eight-legged visitors, the space will offer a haven for all of the charity’s benefactors.


Jack Sutcliffe from Tiger Sheds said: "When we first released the 'Spider Proof Shed’ everyone was fascinated with it – no one could believe that there was a genuine garden shed out there that repels spiders as a product for anyone to buy.

"During the development of the shed we built a prototype, but didn’t want it to then go to waste. Soon after, we discovered the charity Thrive, and after researching the amazing work that they do, we knew that they would benefit massively from it.

"We hope that they find this shed useful to help further their fantastic cause and encourage more people to come along and enjoy gardening. Even people who don’t like spiders."

With four locations (London, Reading, Birmingham and Gateshead) to choose between, the team at Thrive decided that it would be best suited as an addition to the Birmingham garden.

Amanda Fields, Regional Manager at Thrive Birmingham, said: "We are thrilled with this fantastic shed, as we’ve been struggling for a while to find storage space without spending too much money.  

"This generous donation will make a huge difference to our client gardeners and volunteers with it being positioned in the TV Gardens in Kings Heath Park where we are working.

"We can safely store our tools which are used daily by client gardeners and the volunteers and corporate groups who come in to support us."

Whilst as a charity we are not anti-spider, for some of our client gardeners who have specialist needs, including autism and learning difficulties and who might be terrified of spiders, the idea of having a 'spider free’ shed to go into and get their tools will put many of their minds at rest.

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