Gardening on the rooftops of London!


Thrive has taken its horticulture skills to the rooftops of Battersea helping out volunteers who run the Doddington and Rollo Community Roof Garden.

Marc Owen, a horticultural therapist at our Battersea Centre, is teaching them how to feel confident planting, growing and sowing seeds, herbs, flowers and vegetables. He is also giving some classroom-based talks to the volunteers on the basics of horticulture, together with practical guidance and facilitation with the garden itself. (photo courtesy of the South London Press)

Marc said: "We are four weeks into a ten week course and it is great helping the local community, offering them a chance to breathe new life into what is a lovely garden for them to use.

"We will be planting in the New Year after clearing the
area of weeds and have also been looking at low-cost ways of increasing plant stocks by both division and seed sowing.

"We hope that by the end of our involvement the garden will be used by more people and that those volunteers pass on their new-found knowledge and enthusiasm to others.

A green-fingered group of residents and neighbours got planning permission to develop the roof garden five years ago. Hilaire McLiesh, of Park Court, off Battersea Park Road, was one of them.

She said: "It’s a lovely place. We grow everything from rosemary and thyme to pears and apples. We have chard, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes.

"We share all our produce and are open every Saturday from 10am to 1pm."