Melanie's Story

Two years ago when Melanie came to Thrive, she was, in her own words, a different person.

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Her parents’ death had left her feeling upset and withdrawn and for Melanie, who has learning and mobility difficulties, it also meant leaving her childhood home in Norfolk to move in with her sister.

At this challenging time, Melanie’s love of gardening brought her to Thrive and life began to improve.

Gardening with Thrive is particularly beneficial for people like Melanie in ways which might come as a surprise to others.  Beyond practical, horticultural skills it’s also about shared experiences, friendships and building confidence.

As Melanie progressed, Thrive offered her a plot at our Trunkwell Centre and she has been able to design, grow, plant out and maintain it, making it her own.  

A lifelong Norwich City fan, her plot features a miniature football pitch bordered by flowers and bulbs, which she has dedicated to her parents as a reminder of a happy childhood.  Melanie now plans to add a spectator stand and players!

"It was my idea to do the football pitch and I was encouraged by everyone at Thrive to go ahead. I feel mum and dad are looking down on it and smiling."

Her newly found confidence whilst at Thrive has extended beyond gardening and remarkably, in July, Melanie found the courage to pursue the possibility of moving into a flat of her own.  

She is now living independently for the first time in her life.

Please help us continue our work to support more people like Melanie live independent lives.

Thank you for caring.