Luke's story

Luke is living with autism, a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people.  

It also affects how they experience the world around them which can feel overwhelming.

Luke says he was very muddled and sad before coming to Thrive.  

He had been attending a college course but the funding ran out and there was nowhere else for him to go.  The tenancy at his supported living accommodation was also coming to an end and then on top of that his Nanny and Grandad died. 

His mum searched for something for him to be involved in and found Thrive in Kings Heath Park, Birmingham.

Luke liked the people straight away and has been attending a therapy session there one day a week for just over a year.  

Working with Thrives’ horticultural therapist he has learnt to work with friends, sharing and enjoying planting and growing and even eating some of the fruit.  He wasn’t able to touch the soil at first but with help has overcome this.  He has also learnt to communicate when he needs a break away from people.

Thrive horticultural therapists work closely with Luke’s Occupational Therapist and choose gardening activities, such as weeding, that help improve his balance and ability to kneel.  This helps to build his strength and confidence, not just in the garden but in other areas of his life.

Luke says that gardening has helped him feel good, happy and calm and he has been surprised that 'it’s a whole lot of FUN!’  

'’I want Thrive to continue because it’s helped me, I want it to help more people who struggle like me.’’

Luke is looking forward to doing more gardening and hopes to become a volunteer himself in the future.  

Here are examples of how your donation could help:
£20 can buy boots for a Thrive gardener
£35 can buy garden therapy starter packs including tools and seeds
£60 can pay for a therapeutic gardening session at Thrive
£100 can fund a recognised horticultural qualification

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