Leaving a Legacy

A legacy is a very personal type of giving with benefits that will be felt beyond your own lifetime within the lives of many people you may never have met. 

It’s a very tangible way for all who knew you to celebrate your life and achievements and look to the future.

Colin Line (pictured right) was a great botanist and agronomist with a First Class Degree from Reading University in Agriculture.  Striking up a deep friendship with his neighbours which lasted over 30 years, Colin enjoyed discussing Sue Twigg’s work at Thrive and helping her husband Bob with a variety of building projects. 

When he died aged 89 in 2013 he decided to leave his estate to three charities including Thrive with the instructions that the money be used on a capital building project to support client gardeners.  

Today, a fully accessible kitchen and wet room facility at Thrive’s head office is the result, enabling those with illness or disability to work 'from plot to plate’, cooking the produce that they grow and being able to leave the mud of the garden behind them before heading home!

Indeed, Thrive would not be the charity it is today without a great deal of help from The Rev'd Dr Geoff Udall, a wonderful kind and caring man who bequeathed us his Trunkwell Estate in this lovely Berkshire village.

Large or small, legacies help to shape the future.  It’s the ultimate way to touch the hearts of those who come after you.  We understand it should be family and friends first and then, if you wish to, a charity you care about.

If you would like to have an informal chat with one of the team about what legacies in action look like, please ring us 0118 988 5688. Further information can also be found in this guide to to include Thrive in your will.

Alternatively, if you are ready to talk to a solicitor, you might like to consider contacting Hewetts Solicitors. This established, friendly business will donate 10% of the cost of any simple or mirror will (excluding Vat) prepared for Thrive supporters. Simply mention Thrive at the time you contact Hewetts and the donation will be made direct to the charity once the will is finalised at no cost to you.