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Sharon started her journey with Thrive by joining our Women’s Pathway group in Battersea, London.

She reached out to Thrive after day to day life had become too overwhelming and led to 7 months off work; she said,

I felt very low most days, depression had taken over, my life was filled with very harsh and upsetting moments

Depression is, unfortunately, quite common in the UK. People living with depression and anxiety often experience a lack of self-worth, interest and pleasure in their daily lives and it’s hard to explain how an atmosphere of happiness can sometimes have a negative impact on people struggling with mental ill health.

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Sharon, however, is determined to turn things around. Joining the Women’s pathway group at Thrive has given Sharon hope to seek a new way moving forward; she has formed connections with others who understand her struggles and has ignited a passion to be outdoors learning new things.

She has now returned to work and Sharon’s employer is supporting her; Sharon will continue to attend Thrive on one day each week using her annual leave entitlement. Thrive has helped to enable Sharon to feel more comfortable in situations with her line manager, who said they can see the difference it has made already.

Things can still be difficult, but my life is a lot easier with Thrive in place

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If Sharon hadn’t found Thrive when she did, she thinks her life would still be going round in a vicious circle of depression and anxiety, “Thrive has broken the circle and I’ve now become more adventurous.”

She adds that participating in Thrive’s programmes “gives you something to focus on within the week – something good”.

Mental health is a serious issue, with depression and anxiety being the most common condition in the UK. Everyone at Thrive is so proud of the achievements Sharon has made so far. Demand for services are ever increasing for an already stretched NHS but Thrive firmly believes that individuals can significantly benefit from our therapeutic gardening programmes.

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Please donate today so we can help more people like Sharon

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