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Watch Katy's story below, and hear from Michele, STH Practitioner at Thrive, about how we help and support people like Katy.

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Katy, client gardener

Katy has autism and experiences anxiety. When Thrive had to close due to lockdown in Spring, Katy decided to re design the front garden to cheer everyone up, including herself.

Katy's neighbours said she cheered up the neighbourhood and the nation!

T and her sweet peas
Teena, client gardener

Teena first came to Thrive after being referred by Headway, due to a brain injury she experienced after a series of serious epileptic seizures.

During lockdown she spent her time making embroidered doilies and taking part in ‘Zoom sessions’ to keep busy, but unfortunately, she still felt lonely, isolated and lost her confidence. She also started to forget things. Sessions at Thrive are tailored to suit individual needs, and Teena’s time at Thrive helps to stimulate her brain, alongside providing that all important social interaction.

Luke Hendon Holly Busg
Luke, client gardener

Luke has severe learning difficulties, obsessive compulsive disorder, and autism, and has also struggled with anxiety. He normally has an extremely busy activity schedule to keep him active, focussed, and happy. Due to the global pandemic all his activities were stopped, and he had to move back home as covid-19 disrupted the support of his carers.

When we asked Luke how the first lockdown affected him, he responded “Sad. I have felt very sad. I missed everyone.” Luke is always willing to have a go at whatever job needs doing in the gardens, but when asked what his favourite thing is about Thrive, the answer is,

Seeing people. Seeing friends. Makes me happy.

Luke, client gardener

Luke told us that Christmas normally means “Presents, food and seeing everyone. But this year I can’t see everyone. Boris says I can’t see everyone. I’m sad.”

Social interaction is so important, and the lack of it throughout 2020 is continuing to cause upset and anxiety, not only in individuals who have previously suffered with mental health, but also to many who have never experienced it before.

We are so glad that Thrive is able to support people like Luke, who really do depend on social interaction, and we hope that we can help encourage him to still be excited about Christmas this year, even though it may be different than usual.

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