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Isabel has benefitted from our gardening for health information, helping her to make the most of her garden as well as feeling more connected to nature.

Isabel is a subscriber to Thrive’s Gardening Club and initially signed up last year to help her continue to learn more about gardening and be connected with like-minded people.

Isabel has Cerebral Palsy and Asperger’s. As her mobility is limited, she struggles to do simple things. Thrive’s Gardening Club has provided Isabel with tips on how to make gardening easier for herself and to get more from her garden as a consequence.

Gardening Club has given me a hope and purpose to know that I am connected to nature.

Isabel, Gardening Club member

Isabel explained, “I’ve enjoyed reading and discovering about how much just being outside can improve your mental health. It’s one of the reasons I started gardening. I suffer a lot from anxiety but as soon as I step into nature and pause, I feel an immense feeling of relief.

Isabel gardening club

Not only has gardening improved Isabel’s mental health, it’s helped her physical health as well. Isabel often finds the autumn and winter months difficult as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. "I really liked the guide from the autumn about using gardens and nature to self-care, it really gave me a new way of looking at the season and the benefits of being outside."

I feel more calm and energised in the garden

When we asked Isabel if being part of Gardening Club has improved her wellbeing, she told us, “It’s been really important to me to read the Gardening Club emails. They have lifted my spirits and helped me notice nature and wildlife wherever I have been."

Isabel is a great example of how our information on the benefits of gardening can improve health and wellbeing, helping people to find new ways to connect with nature and look after their health.

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