Adam’s been coming to Thrive for the past six years and is a key member of the Thrive community, with his keen eye for gardening, caring nature and desire to help people.

Adam has Autistic Spectrum Disorder which can affect a person’s social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour. This means that Adam can find new environments, changes to routine and large social situations difficult to cope with. The fact that he can engage and interact in such a way here at Thrive is a testament to his character.

With his long-standing interest in gardening and coming to the gardens at Thrive, Adam has been able to grow his interest and knowledge. It has given him the opportunity and space to embrace nature and wildlife which has helped his wellbeing and given him the opportunity to socialise with other people. In fact, when Adam comes to Thrive, you can either find him at his client plot growing salad items or helping others with advice!

Adam also works at The Vyne one day a week where he can be found in the gardens and helping the public. He loves working on the money table where he collects the proceeds from the Thrive plant and vegetable sale table (with supervision), this has helped Adam greatly with his numeracy skills and social interactions.

When life gets a bit too much, Adam has learnt that being in the gardens means he is safe and secure. Working with his horticultural therapists, Michele and Helen, he knows that he can take a bit of time to himself if he needs it and that help is not that far away.