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The ways that gardening can benefit people with learning disabilities were the focus of a Thrive webinar organised as part of an international project.

Metura Back to Roots is a three-year EU-funded initiative involving Thrive and European partners designed to create resources to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

The project has been developing accessible information to encourage active participation in gardening and cooking that can be used by families, carers, education and health professionals.

As well as an overview of the benefits of Green Care, the webinar explored learning opportunities offered by gardening, in particular vegetable, fruit and herb growing for adults with learning disabilities.

There were also practical demonstrations with commentary on the physical, cognitive and emotional qualities of activities such as seed sowing, with examples of how tasks can be carried out using household objects.

Delegates were also able to see the easy-read resources in development and give feedback on ways they could be improved. The resources will be available by September.

The webinar, which concluded with a Q&A, is available to watch alongside additional information and resources via the Thrive Learn website. If you do not have an existing login, you can create a free account.

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