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Spring was a frustrating affair with many plants slow out of the blocks due to the weather. But not all.

Weeds have done very well and left unchecked can become a gardener’s nightmare, damaging the plants we care about.

For some people, weeding can be really difficult because they can’t bend readily, yet there are ways to make this necessary task easier.

Long-handled tools can help reduce the strain as they can be used from a standing position.

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Hoes are a popular tool in the gardener’s armoury and come in various forms, materials and weights with the Dutch hoe being a common sight in many gardens.

Made from wood, aluminium and plastic, what works best for you will depend not only on the needs of your garden but also which tool feels comfortable.

An alternative to traditional Dutch or draw hoes is the long-handled razor hoe with its sharp angled cutting edge which can make light work of weeds and is useful for getting between rows of plants.

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Other long-handled options include tools that slice through weed roots with push and pull motions. This one has a flat head to minimise soil disturbance, reducing the likelihood of more weed seeds spreading and germinating. It also can eliminate weeds in gravel.

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If you are looking for a tool that can be altered to fit your needs, there are extendable weeders which can double in length to provide the extra reach when you need it, with fork tips to extract the weed’s roots.

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Forks, trowels and cultivators are available with easy-to-grip long handles offering extended reach and can be used from a seated position. They can be used with arm support cuffs for better control and less wrist strain.

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Having dispatched your weeds, you might want to pick them up and transfer them into a bucket or wheelbarrow without bending. Grabbers or grippers are just the job.

For weeds with long roots, like dandelions, there are tools which don’t require you to be on your hands and knees to get them out. They go deep in grabbing the weed and its roots, enabling it to be pulled out cleanly.

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Whatever tool you use, warm up before you start work, don’t overdo it and take some breaks.

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