Roses peach in bloom
It's August and the perfect time to kick-back and enjoy the garden, says Thrive Ambassador and TV gardener David Domoney.

`As gardeners, we can’t help but see the garden for its potential and forget to enjoy it in the now. Though attention to detail is great when you’re growing, I always find that summer is the time to just enjoy the beauty of your garden too.

`There’s no doubt that the process of gardening provides us a boost to our health through physical stimulation and mental relaxation—it gets you outside regularly and keeps your blood pumping whilst you work on something meaningful and fulfilling.

`But just winding down in your plot has plenty of benefits.


`Take a moment to turn off your phone and find a space in a remote part of the garden to sit and watch the wildlife explore your plants.

`When we’re outside surrounded by nature and we hear the birds tweeting or the grass rustling in the breeze, these sights and sounds have a tangible effect on us and uplift our spirits.

`This sensory experience produces a physiological response, helping to decrease stress levels and boost immune response—all without lifting a finger. So, when the weather’s beating down on you, switch from full gear to easy cruising out in the garden.

`For me, observing the space I work hard to sustain every day is an important part of the job and makes for a well-deserved reward.

`The saying ‘stop and smell the roses’ has real truth here; it reminds us to take a moment to appreciate the little things. So, if your garden is an investment, then summer is the perfect time to cash in.'

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