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Thrive staff and volunteers will be pulling together to support Jason with his first ever exhibition at Chelsea Flower Show this year.

In just two years, Jason 'The Cloud Gardener' has gone from moving into an 18th-floor apartment, struggling with his mental health and having little to no gardening experience, to having his own balcony exhibition at Chelsea Flower Show. If you were in any doubt of what this might mean to Jason, watch this video of his live reaction. His tears say it all.

After Jason's first visit to Thrive's Reading centre, no one could say enough nice things about him. Staff, volunteers and client gardeners all approached Jason to get to know him more. Having spent time with him, we all know Jason is a special person who is going to make waves in the world of gardening, and we are going to support him as best we can on his journey.

We will support Jason at Chelsea Flower Show by sending enthusiastic Thrive staff and volunteers to help him at his balcony exhibition called 'The Cirrus Garden'. Everyone involved has been added to Jason's rota, and we will be there to help him through the 12+ hour days for over a week including preparation of the exhibition.

Jason will in turn be talking about his partnership with Thrive during the week and spreading the word about how we use gardening to change people's lives. We'll also have some leaflets available for people to read at the balcony exhibition.

Want to read more about Jason's journey? Use the link below.

Jason improves mental health by giving his balcony a nature transformation

Feeling confined in his 18th-floor apartment in Manchester, Jason became inspired during lockdown to grow plants to give him a new lease of life.

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Jason's addition to Chelsea Flower Show is not only a huge moment for him, but it is also a huge moment for Chelsea Flower Show as well. Jason represents someone who didn't have access to a green space in his home until he created it himself. Many people don't have gardens or green spaces, so bringing in someone who represents them is much more likely to inspire people to garden in smaller spaces.

Jason is also an advocate of gardening for mental health. He cares not of how pristine a flower looks, but much more about how it makes the person feel who is taking care of the plants. From his own experiences, he knows how much gardening can help someone's mental health. This is another way that Jason's addition is hugely beneficial to Chelsea Flower Show.

For the first time ever Chelsea Flower Show will be awarding medals for balcony exhibitions, so if you do follow Jason on social media, do show him some support!

Jason's social media links

Facebook: Cloud Gardener UK

Instagram: @cloudgardeneruk

Twitter: @CloudGardenerUK

Youtube: Cloud Gardener UK

Tiktok: cloudgardeneruk

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