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The daffodils are out which is a sure sign that this long winter will soon be shown the door.

To help you get ready for when your gardens spring into life, Thrive Ambassador and Gardeners’ World presenter Mark Lane has helped us compile a guide to nifty tools which can make your gardening life easier.


Burgon and Ball Weed Slice lifestyle

Battling weeds is a job every gardener faces but the weed slice can make tackling those pesky blighters a whole lot easier. Ideal for borders, the slice’s arrow-like high-carbon steel head makes cutting off roots and shoots smoother and easier, and long-handled versions can put an end to putting a strain on your back. For persistent weeds in lawns, try using a weed puller or a telescopic weeding fork. A Razor Hoe can be used for slicing weeds, digging out roots and can even be used to loosen up soil.


Peta handles

Most standard garden equipment, such as rakes and hoes, can be adapted to improve your working position by using add-on handles. Peta produce ones that fit handles up to 40mm in diameter via steel clamps, which help keep the hand and wrist at a natural angle which prevents discomfort and reduces strain on weak wrists.



If you find seed sowing fiddly and frustrating, a push button seed sower could be the answer. You just load the syringe-style sower with your seeds (up to 2mm in size) and then you can accurately start dispensing them with the push of a button, safe in the knowledge they are going exactly where you want them to. Ideal for pots and modular cell trays. The square design helps prevent the seeder rotating in your hand.


Mini watering rose 3

Here’s a very simple but effective way to put old plastic water bottles to good use. A mini watering rose can be screwed into the top, turning them into a very handy watering tool. They are highly portable and are ideal for people who struggle with gripping or controlling watering cans. Roses come in different sizes. A handy tip: to start with, look for bottles with moulded grips to help hold the bottle; alternatively, fix grip tape to the outside of the bottle.


Burgon and Ball RHS endorsed precision shear lifestyle2

Trimming hedges can be a tiresome task, but lightweight, long-handled shears can help reduce user fatigue. Mark says: `I use these in my garden as they are incredibly lightweight and the long handle means that you no longer have to stretch, reducing aches and pains in your neck and back.’

More tools for easier gardening

For details of many more tools that can make gardening easier, visit Thrive’s Carry on Gardening website, which also has a wealth of practical tips for people of all abilities.

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