Plant Pack
One of the positives from the last few months has been how the joy of gardening and plants and their wellbeing benefits has been recognised by so many people.

We’re particularly pleased that one company created during lockdown has chosen to partner with us because they too believe in the transforming power of gardening.

Plant Pack is a London-based plant brand that delivers beautiful, quality plants direct to people’s doors within the M25.

They launched to salvage plants going to waste due to garden centre closures, and also to support British growers.

Plant pack 3
Leucanthemum plants in the Thrive pack

Miranda Essex, from Plant Pack, said: 'The positive customer feedback we've had about our uplifting, high-quality plant deliveries means that we're here to stay!

'We're delighted to partner with Thrive, as we truly believe in the transformational impact of nature and gardening.'

Profits from one of their pack of plants will go to Thrive. Also, they’ll be donating plants to our regional centres once they reopen to client gardeners.

Stacey Lewis, Thrive’s Fundraising Manager, said: ‘Plant Pack struck a chord with many people when they started out raising money for the NHS by selling plants that were going to waste during lockdown.

‘We’re delighted they have decided to support Thrive as their charity partner because of our work helping people with disabilities and poor health, it means a lot at this time.’

Clients’ produce helps food bank

Vegetables grown by Thrive client gardeners are being donated to support people using a food bank.

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